2011年9月23日 星期五

34 Weeks 三十三周Baby現況

Have you made a birth plan yet? Think about how you want to deliver your baby. Make a "wish list" and share it with your doctor. Together, you can create a plan that works for both of you. Digging into the details now will help you feel more relaxed come D-day.

Your Baby's Development This Week
Between the 34th week of pregnancy and the 37th week of pregnancy, your baby continues to refine his systems and put on significant weight.
He probably weighs about 5-1/2 poundsand is about 12-1/2 inches, about as long as a loaf of bread, from head to rump (plus an additional 5 inches or more in legs!).
The white, waxy coating protecting your baby's skin (vernix) thickens this week.
Your baby's fingernails have reached the tip of his fingers.

2011年9月17日 星期六

33 Weeks 三十三周Baby狀況

Have you toured the birthing rooms at your hospital yet? If not, 33 weeks is a good time to go. While you're there, preregister at the birthing center. Paperwork will be the last thing on your mind during labor! Take notes on where to park and check in. Your partner will appreciate the heads-up.

Your Baby's Development This Week
This week and the four weeks that follow mark a time of astounding growth as your baby reaches her ultimate birth weight.
She weighs about 4-1/2 pounds and might grow a full inch in length this week alone! She's grown to about 12-1/2 inches, or about the length of an average pumpkin.
Your baby continues to gain weight rapidly — about a half pound a week.
The pupils of her eyes now can adjust to bright or dim light, just like yours.

Learn more about week 33 of your pregnancy.

Your Wellness and Nutrition This Week
You're about to become a regular at your OB/GYN's office as prenatal checkups become more frequent. And if heartburn or bloating rear their ugly heads, you might want to cut back on spicy or greasy foods. Find out more.

Week 33: The Checklist
Trouble sleeping? Limit late-evening beverages to avoid 2 AM trips to the bathroom. And if you can't get comfortable, throw a few extra pillows on your bed to help c

2011年9月6日 星期二

32W Maternity Photo 32週大肚照

Thanks Zarli Win for taking my 8 months maternity photos, he is a professional photographer I have been working my makeup with, also he has been shooting me for a while as well. This look is more vampire but the outfit is pirate. So he came out the idea of using the treasure case and stuff as background and see how it turn out. The light setting is very impressive and I love all the pictures he did!!!

這位這影師Zarli Win是我這一年半合作的夥伴,我提供他化妝的支持,有時他也會拍我的cosplay。他是一個專業的攝影師,我很感謝他這次幫我拍8個月的大肚照。這次的主題是吸血鬼,不過衣服也點像海盜,嘻嘻!我們最後跟另外提供我們場地的電影攝影師借了海盜的道具拍了一張隨心的照片,效果還不錯!Zarli真的很會控制閃光!每一張照片我都很喜歡!

Are you starting to feel puffy? Welcome to week 32! Swelling is most common now — especially in your hands, face, ankles, and feet. Try drinking more water (yes, more!). And kick up your feet — elevate your legs when you can.

Your Baby's Development This Week
Your baby is spending quite a bit of his time practicing the skills he'll need after birth, such as sucking, swallowing, and breathing. Other changes include:
Your baby weighs about 4 pounds and is almost 11-1/2 inches long, or the length of a small watermelon.
You might notice a change in your baby's movements this week, as he becomes more crowded in your uterus. Kicks and movements might seem less powerful.
Your baby's skin is no longer see-through. It looks more like yours.

Learn more about week 32 of your pregnancy.

Your Wellness and Nutrition This Week
Feeling stuffed? Try grazing. Four or five healthy mini-meals can help you get the same nutrition as your usual three squares a day. See more nutrition ideas.

Week 32: The Checklist
Slather on the lotion. If your belly's itchy these days, keep lots of lotion handy in your purse, at work, and in the car to handle itching emergencies! Get the checklist.

2011年9月1日 星期四

31 Week Note 三十一週的狀況

From Similac:
Week 31 brings some new body changes — with benefits! You might notice your hair is fuller and more healthy, and your nails are growing at a record pace. You can thank your pregnancy hormones for these unexpected beauty benefits.

Your Baby's Development This Week
This week, your baby's body and brain continue to make the connections that enable her systems to work as a whole. Also:
Your baby weighs more than 3 pounds and is 11 incheslong, about the length of an asparagus spear.
Your baby's lungs now are more developed but are not completely mature.
You might notice that your baby has more defined periods of being awake (and active) or asleep.

My back bone is now better since I adjust the way I sleep again. I notice because I turned my back toward to the bed the the baby's weight caused the back pain. Now I wear the belly belt while I sleep so I don't have to worry baby drop to one side when I sleep on the side and this way it reduce the pain :)
Now only the bottom join bones hurt but it doesn't cause too much inconvenience.

2011年8月19日 星期五

29W 二十九週的紀錄

8/5 In today's morning I felt the baby's foot moving, I think I could almost grab his foot, how amazing!

8/18 Because the baby is getting heavy so quickly, my tail bone hurt very very bad, and walking or standing will make it worse, because the baby will drop lower and make it worse. Sometime I can't even stand up from bed and walk to the bathroom, I almost cry when it hurts so much. Walking on the stairs are hard, too.

From Similac Strong Mom Message:
Dear Hung-Lan,

Welcome to week 29 — the start of your third trimester! By now, you're probably feeling some late-pregnancy pains. Fend off the backaches, fatigue, and leg cramps with a boost of vitamin C. Carrots, sweet potatoes, eggs, and leafy greens all are great options to get your daily dose. It does a body good!

Your Baby's Development This Week
This week your baby might best be described as long and strong!
Your baby probably weighs almost 3 pounds and is about 10 inches long, about the length of a large cucumber.
Your baby's activity probably keeps getting more frequentand stronger during the 29th week of pregnancy.
During the next 11 weeks, she might more than double or almost triple her current weight.

Many women begin to slow their activity in the 29th week of pregnancy and beyond, which is normal.

  • You are carrying more weight, which can make any physical activity more exhausting than normal.
  • Respond to your body's needs. It's OK to modify your routine. Just try to keep moving every day.

2011年7月24日 星期日

27W 二十七週更多Baby動態

Since 24W Zihuan's movement can be seen from outside.

7/16 We went see Transformers 3, but the sound effect was too loud and caused baby kept kicking. So I might have to stop going to theater for nor on. I don't think he likes the noise.

7/17 The baby starts moving a lot in the afternoon. (Go to his blog to check out his pervious movement record).

7/24 I put a little book against my belly and was saw the book moved because of Zihuna's kicking.

After I ate the chili I made the baby kicked a lot, not sure he likes it or not.

Usually when I lay down the baby moves more, sometime when I flip over to change sleeping position, he changes, too. Maybe I didn't give him enough space.

When I get up late, Zihuan would kick me and let me know he wants to eat. I think breakfast.